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Hastings County Brand Guidelines 

This document, and the work that went into it, provides clarity about Hastings County and the value it delivers to its many different audiences.

It will improve recognition of Hastings County, increase advertising effectiveness and inspire people to choose Hastings County.

The brand, which includes strategic and visual elements, will help guide effective marketing strategies and help determine what types of investment, marketing and tourism promotion the County should be practicing.

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Branding Journey  

May 2018

The County of Hastings has commenced development of a Branding Strategy to elevate recognition of the County and speak to the quality of life and experiences available.   The County’s Economic and Tourism Development Advisory Committee will act as the “Steering Committee” for this project serving as the advisors and champions to help ensure that as many different perspectives as possible are considered.  There will be opportunity for public input involving interviews with key stakeholders across the County and through an online survey for County residents and businesses. 

Following an extensive review the agency named Trajectory has been selected to produce the branding strategy. Launched in 2009, Trajectory is an Ontario based consultant group that has experience working with places, destinations, public institutions and not-for-profits.  

The Trajectory team has led major placebranding programs across North America including: the award-winning brand initiative for the City of Mississauga, Niagara Region’s master brand strategy, as well as Raleigh NC and numerous projects in Greater Washington DC.

 Trajectory’s approach to services includes working with representatives from all of our member municipalities, County Councillors and various stakeholders in the local business and tourism industry to develop a coherent and inclusive branding strategy.  Trajectory will also coordinate a launch event for industry partners and stakeholders. For more on Trajectory visit their website:

Updates and information on the Branding Strategy will be posted here.  For more information, please contact Marketing Coordinator Luisa Sorrentino at

June 2018

Trajectory has commenced a strategic review of our existing strategic plans and documents relating to economic development and tourism as well as an audit of existing brands and marketing taking place across Hastings County. The Economic and Tourism Development Team have a weekly call with Trajectory to review deliverables, approvals and timelines. Also, to provide greater context to their discovery and review of our area, Trajectory went on a tour of the County, with the assistance of staff, on June 5th and 6th.

Trajectory met with the Economic and Tourism Development Advisory Committee on June 6th, to provide them with an overview of the project, discuss the opportunities and challenges of place branding, and then conducted a workshop and consultation with them.

Just on June 27, Trajectory met with the Municipal Partners Group, at the Tweed Municipal Office for discussion and interview. Trajectory is now moving forward with several one-on-one and small group interviews with stakeholders.  The insights from interviews will be incorporated into the recommendations for the Branding Strategy. 

The following schedule is a high level review of the proposed timelines and milestones for completion of the Branding Strategy:

 Branding Strategy

July 2018 


On July 26, Trajectory conducted a Brand Positioning Workshop with the Advisory Committee and Economic and Tourism Development Staff. They facilitated a Brand Building Blocks exercise to review and prioritize Hastings County differentiators as emerged throughout the process. The whole group was engaged and offered great insights and advice to guide the dawning of the new Hastings County story.

People in meeting onePeople in meeting two

People in meeting threePeople in meeting four


August 2018

We want your opinion! As we undertake the bold initiative to promote Hastings County as a “top choice” for visitors near and far, as well as entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors who see the value of building a future in our County, we want to take a moment to gather the insight of our industry and community members. 

The Hastings County story we tell must be meaningful and reflect both who we are today, but more importantly, where we're headed in the years to come. We want to ensure our message resonates deeply with the core virtues that make up Hastings County, and who better to help us shape our story than you, our locals! 

Please take the simple, short survey by clicking the link: 

Feel free to share with others! 


September 2018


On September 19th Trajectory conducted a presentation on the brand positioning with the Advisory Committee and Economic and Tourism Development Staff.

With the results of the stakeholder's’ survey and the outcomes of the branding workshops to date, the group was able to identify the building blocks and the character of the Hastings County Economic and Tourism Development brand.

With the objective to create an effective brand positioning platform, the brand will:

  1. provide clarity and coherence for the County’s overall offer;
  2. consolidate and align competing messages, sub-brands, initiatives;
  3. incorporate and support regionals and municipal branding and messaging;
  4. include enough flexibility to work for the entire County;
  5. be relevant and compelling for tourism and economic development.

 It’s not just what we say, it’s how we say it that will make the difference!

We are now refining the brand positioning and looking to extend messaging for key audiences as well as start creative exploration and identity development in October.  


 Survey findings


October 2018

On October 16th, the Trajectory Team presented to the Planning & Development Committee to update the group on the progress of the branding strategy. 

people in courtroom

This month the consultants will be making progress utilising the feedback from the first creative presentation to the advisory committee which was held on October 12th. 

Stay tuned for more, as the brand comes alive!

 The brand was approved by Council in November 2018. 

 The Stakeholder's Brand Launch is scheduled for March 21. 

To learn more about the launch read the news release 



March 21, 2019


ELDORADO, ON – The County of Hastings revealed its new economic and tourism development brand and positioning statement to a crowd of local stakeholders today.

The new brand positions Hastings County as a “Wildly Authentic” destination that delivers wilderness experiences, sustainable lifestyles, creative activities and a climate for growth. The launch was a first step in demonstrating Hastings County’s new brand attributes by inspiring and connecting people.

The brand launch took place on Thursday, March 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Madoc Township Office in Eldorado, Ontario. Attendees enjoyed a fishing game activated be George Offshack, owner of the Limerick Lake Lodge & Marina and maple treats from a local bakery.

The launch was emceed by Andrew Redden, Manager of Economic and Tourism Development, with greetings from Warden Rick Phillips and closing statements from Marketing Coordinator Luisa Sorrentino.

“We are thrilled to share the new Economic Development and Tourism brand and visual identities with our stakeholders as we embark in this exciting journey,” says Sorrentino. “We are elevating the profile of Hastings County to increase brand awareness amongst tourists, cottagers, and people who are considering relocating from the city to a more rural area. We have such a vast, beautiful county and we are ready to show it to the world.”

To learn more about the new Hastings County brand, visit

About Hastings County

Hastings County is the second largest county in Ontario, stretching almost 160 kilometres from the Bay of Quinte to Algonquin Park. It is comprised of 14 member municipalities.

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