Emergency Management

Emergencies can happen at any time. Disaster resilient communities are those in which residents have taken the 3 steps of emergency preparedness:

By preparing now you can avoid panic, protect or limit damage to your property, and possibly save lives if disaster strikes.

Everyone from the Warden and Council to each individual resident has a role in emergency preparedness planning. Follow these links to learn how your community is prepared, and how you and your family can prepare for a disaster or an emergency.

You can also follow us on Twitter for public education information and updates during emergencies or large events.

To learn more about Emergency Management in Hastings County, check out our Emergency Preparedness Guide Booklet and the Hastings County Emergency Plan. Also, check out our new Emergency Preparedness Centre, with links to various information sources, public education material, as well as the Hastings County map that will show information for any active emergencies in the county

Emergency Preparedness Information

Kids Learn About Emergency Situations