Eligibility Criteria
• You are able to live independently with or without support services
• You are over 16 years old
• You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or a refugee claimant, or you are applying to become a permanent resident
• You are not under a removal order to leave Canada
• You do not owe money to any social housing provider in Ontario, or you have an agreement to repay this money
• Your income and assets are within the allowable limits

Once on the Hastings County Social Housing Registry waiting list, applicants will be selected for housing based on the date of the application. Special consideration may be given to applicants based on Provincial Legislation. 

The Social Housing Registry

Hastings County Housing Services administers the Hastings County Social Housing Registry. This list provides one centralized waiting list for social housing in Hastings County. The Registry also provides a more accurate view of social housing needs in Hastings County. 

New Affordable Housing

Hastings County Housing Services is responsible for encouraging the creation and development of new affordable housing in Hastings County. This includes new non-profit housing, new affordable rental housing, and new affordable housing for purchase. For further information on new affordable housing development, contact 613-966-1311 ext. 2377 or ext. 4301.