Children's Services

Hastings County Children’s Services strives to offer services that are inclusive and accessible and meet the diverse needs of the community. 

Supporting a sense of belonging and well-being for children, families, and educators ensures optimal learning and development in all areas. 

Early years and child care plays a vital role in children's development, support for families and caregivers. Hastings County Children’s Services believes in the importance of investing in safe, affordable, high-quality child care, and ensuring access to child care and early years services to support the well-being of children and families within the region. Hastings County Children’s Services supports children, their families, and educators and helps them grow and thrive in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

Licensed Child Care 

Options in Hastings County

To apply for SUBSIDIZED CHILD CARE contact the Intake Access Centre at: (613)771-9630 or 1-866-414-0300.

Find more information about Child Care Fee Subsidy or Lowering your Child Care Fees.

Child Care in Hastings County

Lower Child Care Fees
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Key Contacts


Juliee Harrison

Manager of Early Years and Child Care

(613) 966-1311 ext. 2340

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out Licensed Child Care options in Hastings County to find a location, and contact the child care provider for availability and options of a tour. 

To qualify for Child Care subsidy in Hastings County you must be a resident of Hastings County, have legal status in Canada, both parents or the single parent must be working, self employed or going to school during the hours when your child would be in Child Care and be in financial need as determined by the most recent Income Tax Federal Notice of Assessment. If your child has diagnosed special needs, you may also qualify. You will also be considered in financial need if you are eligible for social assistance.


Working Parents: Generally, Child Care fee assistance is available for those days/hours that you are working.


Students: Students must be attending school or a recognized training program on a regular basis. Child Care is available for those days/hours that you are attending classes.


Self Employed Parents: Parents who are self employed must be actively engaged in a registered business, full time and claim business expenses against income. Documentation is required including BN number.


It is the responsibility of parents to choose a child care program for their child from the list of licensed child care providers and programs in Hastings County.

It is a good idea to plan and visit several locations to review the program, meet the staff and secure a space at the Child Care Program you decide upon. The next step is to call Hastings County Intake Access center for an appointment to apply for a Child Care Fee Subsidy. When you call the office they will schedule an appointment for you with a Child Care Caseworker. 

Contact Hastings County Children’s Service for more information and the Child Care Service Provider page

Email or call 613-966-1311 ext 2612.  Please provide the following information: number of children, age of children and school they are attending.