Branding Strategy

The County of Hastings has commenced development of a Branding Strategy to elevate recognition of the County and speak to the quality of life and experiences available.   The County’s Economic and Tourism Development Advisory Committee will act as the “Steering Committee” for this project serving as the advisors and champions to help ensure that as many different perspectives as possible are considered.  There will be opportunity for public input involving interviews with key stakeholders across the County and through an online survey for County residents and businesses. 

Following an extensive review the agency named Trajectory has been selected to produce the branding strategy. Launched in 2009, Trajectory is an Ontario based consultant group that has experience working with places, destinations, public institutions and not-for-profits.  

The Trajectory team has led major placebranding programs across North America including: the award-winning brand initiative for the City of Mississauga, Niagara Region’s master brand strategy, as well as Raleigh NC and numerous projects in Greater Washington DC.

 Trajectory’s approach to services includes working with representatives from all of our member municipalities, County Councillors and various stakeholders in the local business and tourism industry to develop a coherent and inclusive branding strategy.  Trajectory will also coordinate a launch event for industry partners and stakeholders. For more on Trajectory visit their website:

Updates and information on the Branding Strategy will be posted here.  For more information, please contact Marketing Coordinator Luisa Sorrentino at