Outdoor Educators - The Boundless School

Location: Palmer Rapids
Hours: Seasonal and Full-time
Area: North Hastings
Hourly Wage: Everyone starts at a wage of $2,000/month, plus living expenses, for 3 - 4 months. Once this period ends, full time and seasonal jobs are immediately available at an increased pay scale.
Employer: The Boundless School
Shift: Not stated
Vacancies: Multiple
Expires: 30/04/2018
Close to Bus Route: No


  • The Outdoor Focus - those that specialize in the outdoor focus are often certified teachers, but just as often have solid experience in recreation, especially camps and canoe tripping programs; having experience working with teens is also a huge asset
  • The Teaching Focus - we hire certified teachers who can teach compulsory curriculum like English or History, but with a flair for an experiential appoach
  • The Counselling Focus - BSWs, MSWs, CYWs and other people with a history of working in adolescent mental health are suitable candidates


Apply at www.theboundlessschool.com

Room and board provided.