A Look at Recent Visitor Stats for Hastings County

Ever wonder who visits our County each year, where are they coming from and what do they do when they arrive?  We now have the answer.

Recently, staff received the latest visitors statistics (for 2012) from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport, which includes data collected by Statistics Canada through their Travel Survey of Residents of Canada and the International Travel Survey.  With this data, we've broken down the numbers into fun infographics (see the full list below) to best display the information that matters most to our tourism operators and partners.

Here's a snapshot of Hastings County's visitors:

  • Over 2.58 million visitors come to our region each year
  • 96% of visitors are from within Ontario
  • Most visitors travel here between July and December
  • 60% are same-day visits
  • 85% of groups (primarily made up of two people) are adults only and average 44 years of age
  • Over $260 million tourism dollars are spent within our region
  • The average visitors spends $102, while the average overnight visitors spends $164
  • Most visitor dollars are spent on Food & Beverage
  • 42% of visitors travel here with pleasure as the main purpose, while 38% come for visiting friends and relatives
  • 84% of visitors participate in outdoor or sports activities, with 32% participating in boating and fishing
  • The average overnight group stays for 2 nights
  • 74% of overnight visitors stay in private homes/cottages

Summary of Infographics:

Origins of Trip Infographic

Demographics Infographic

Overnight Visits Infographic

Visitor Spending Infographic

Trip Activities Infographic

Ontario Visitor Profile Infographic

Other Province Visitor Profile Infographic

US Visitor Profile Infographic

Overseas Visitor Profile Infographic