Know More About Who Visits Hastings County

The most recent statistics available for visitation to Hastings County (including the Cities of Belleville and Quinte West) are now in from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.  Last year we presented the 2012 statistics in a series of infographics to illustrate the impact that visitation has on our region.  This year we are continuing with more infographics to share with the local tourism industry.  These numbers are essential for developing and assessing business plans and marketing plans, to ensure investments are being made for the right direction. 

A drawback to this year's statistics are that the data can't be 100% compared year over year as the surveys used to compile that data have been changed.  The Ministry collects the data through Statistics Canada, and in 2012 there was information through the International Travellers Survey, which offered information about our international visitors.  For 2013, this survey was no longer provided so we don't have the details for international visitors, and the overall numbers are also impacted as a result.  What can be compared is the Ontario Visitor Profile and Canadian Visitor Profile, as these statistics have been consistently collected.

Here is a snapshot of what visitation was like in 2013 for Hastings County:

  • Over 2.38 million visitors came to our region
  • Most visitors travel here between April to September
  • 62% are same-day visits; the average overnight group stays for 2.5 nights
  • 88% of groups (primarily made up of 3 people per group) are adults only and average 45 years of age
  • Over $205 million tourism dollars are spent within our region
  • The average visitors spends $87, while the average overnight visitors spends $140
  • 45% of visitors travel here with pleasure as the main purpose, while 38% come for visiting friends and relatives
  • 40% of visitors participate in outdoor or sports activities, with 85% of such visitors participating specifically in boating and fishing
  • 81% of overnight visitors stay in private homes/cottages

Summary of Infographics:

Origins of Trip Infographic

Demographics Infographic

Overnight Visits Infographic

Visitor Spending Infographic

Trip Activities Infographic

Ontario Visitor Profile Infographic

Other Provinces Visitor Profile Infographic


**For those interested in comparing the 2013 statistics to the previous years, you can review the 2012 infographics here.