Hastings County Features Adventures of its Local Wanderers

July 7, 2017


Hastings County Features Adventures of its Local Wanderers

Hastings County – A new “Local Wanderer” initiative is kicking off today as enthusiastic local writers who enjoy exploring their own backyard set out to experience Hastings County and share stories about their experiences. 

This six-month initiative in partnership with Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) supports the “Come Wander” brand which uses storytelling to draw visitors to the region and aims to shift the public’s perception of Hastings County from “hidden gem” to a premier tourism destination.

“We are thrilled to have writers attending events, exploring scenic routes, and connecting with people in Hastings County,” said Warden Rodney Cooney. “This is a special place to be, and I look forward to reading their tales.”

Stories will be shared through the County’s website blog and social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  One can follow the writers’ journeys by searching for “@HastingsCounty” and the hashtags #comewander and #HastingsCounty. The writers will be crafting personal, vibrant and adventurous stories, along with pictures and videos that capture the people and places in their natural and authentic settings.

“Stories of experiential travel will create a sense of place and build a combination of physical and emotional connection with the reader,” said Marketing Coordinator Luisa Sorrentino. “Our goal is to inform the public about Hastings County’s offerings and inspire people to become a wanderer themselves”.

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