Online #HastingsBizChat

Tips for Successfully Participating in #HastingsBizChat on Twitter + Facebook

1. Stay Organized

  • Use Hootsuite to easily follow streams for @HastingsCounty tweets/posts and #HastingsBizChat, as well as mentions of @HastingsCounty
  • You can also use to track #HastingsBizChat and also post directly.  If you use this website, be sure to enable “Show Retweets” under “Room Settings”, and also select “Disable Buffer”

2. How to Answer Questions

  • Over the course of the hour, we'll post questions related to the chosen topic for the chat
  • You can respond to the questions in two ways: (1) on Facebook by replying as a comment to the question, and (2) on Twitter by replying to the tweet.

3. Ensure Your Message is Seen on Twitter

  • Make sure to include #HastingsBizChat in all of your tweets
  • When responding to a question, be sure to start with the letter "A" followed by the corresponding number for the question you are responding to.  For example, for Q1 you'd respond with A1, and so on.          
  • If you’re replying to tweets and starting your message with “@”, your reply will not be seen publicly. When replying to tweets, put a “.” or part of the message before the twitter handle you’re replying to for it to be seen, i.e. “.@HastingsCounty my favourite part of having my business at home is....
  • Tag other businesses and organizations, and @HastingsCounty, to increase your reach

4. Follow Twitter Etiquette

  • Promote what you have to offer, but try not to make it too much of a sales pitch
  • Answer questions and respond to people who tweet at you

5. Keep the Conversation Going

  • Just because #HastingsBizChat is scheduled for an hour, doesn’t mean your conversation has to stop …
  • Don’t forget, Hastings County’s Economic Development office actively promotes that working and living in our region has more benefits than working the city.  Stay a part of the conversation by sharing your #ileftthecity moments with us on Twitter and Instagram!

Here's what we've talked about in previous Twitter Chats: