1. Explore Maynooth + Maynooth Madness

#ComeWander in Hastings Highlands for a weekend of madness!

Be inspired by one by the local wanderer story: Aysha 


2. A self-guided tour of the Arts Route

A trail of of discovery to painters, potters, jewelry makers, photographers, performing arts, and other original people in Hastings County. 


3. Bancroft Brewing Co. 

Satisfy your thirst for discovery - and beer - in Bancroft 

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4. Scenic Routes

Consider the "scenic route." Traffic volume increases by 20% on long weekends. Think about taking the road less traveled – maybe a secondary or country road. Drive and ride some of the North Hastings routes to see scenic parks, beaches, and unique attractions.


5. Trails

With trail networks spreading from the Bay of Quinte, all the way north to Algonquin Park, there are endless ways for you and your family to discover Ontario’s history, natural environment and rural communities.

Visit the Trails! Click here for info