Exploring Hastings County Day 4 - Limerick Lake Lodge

Limerick Lake Lodge & Marina has been in operation since 1946. When George Offshack, the current owner, took over the business in 2006, it was a homecoming for him. He had been spending summers in the area since he was a little boy and making this his workplace was as unexpected as it was a dream come true.

The business consists of guiding guests to their cottages and helping them get started with their vacation. George provides seasonal access to their property with a fully functional marina and parking that serves 100 cars and 102 boats. He loves being in the happiness business and meeting people who are excited about spending time with their loved ones on the lake. What’s not to love you may ask.

Another part of the business is to provide lodging for passionate fishermen looking to stay right on the lake and have the full Limerick experience.

“The fishing experience has changed through the years and I’ve changed with the customers. It’s important to stay flexible,” says George.  “If you chase any opportunity then you have no strategy. If you get an opportunity that works, you pursue it and grow with it. But you have to stay aware, because once it starts to not work for you, you have to be willing to change it as you go.”

George has learned the three things that work for him in his business, which are ATV trails, fishing and services to cottage owners. He aims to please people by giving them the quality of services that they expect and deserve.  The business has tripled since he started managing it in 2006. Offering the best customer service is important to him and he has fun anticipating customers’ needs.

“There are no rules when it comes to helping others, you just do what it takes,” says George when coaching a new recruit at the marina. Solving problems is essential in assisting people and making sure that they have nothing but great memories.

George also likes to be involved and participate in community and provincial-wide initiatives that support tourism growth in the region. Looking at other communities’ successes can help our region improve and get better opportunities in tourism.

George’s advice for those who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur:

  1. Find out whether your product or service is marketable – do your research

  2. Pick something you like and do it really well

  3. Get some business coaching going – many resources are available to you from Hastings County, municipalities as well as chambers of commerce and MP and MPP’s

This was George’s story. What will yours be?

Stay tuned for more business tips to help you transform your idea into a successful business in Hastings County!