Exploring Hastings County Day 2 - Hidden Goldmine Bakery

Hidden Goldmine Bakery - Brad and Cheryl Freeman

When I first set foot in the Hidden Goldmine Bakery I was immediately met by cheerful smiles and a warm welcome, almost as if a family member just walked in.

There is so much to love about this place and I haven’t even eaten anything yet. The baker comes to welcome me, Cheryl Freeman, an inspired, friendly and warm-hearted woman who transformed her passion into a success story.

“When I was a little girl my dad worked in the mining industry in Marmora and I used to think: we are so rich!” It was there and then that a child’s imagination birthed the popular gold nuggets fudge, one of her most prized offerings, and still the secret to her success today. Her passion for baking, continued to grow since those early years with recipe sharing and family baking.

Once a school educational assistant, Cheryl used to bake for friends and family; their enthusiastic feedback and advice of opening her own business pushed her to start a small home-based production built on her grandmother’s recipe. Years later the 400-square foot backyard workshop turned into a 4000-square foot downtown store.

The bakery is part of a close-knit community that Cheryl and her husband Brad are proud to be part of and feel they belong to. They are passionate about what they do and feel that they make a difference in their community. “It is important for us to keep the homey and welcoming environment that people love about this place” Cheryl says.

The baking is the core of the Hidden Goldmine, and they make everything from scratch. The ingredients are locally-sourced as Cheryl liaises with farmers that provide produce, cheese, honey and of course, the local maple syrup to the bakery. Lately they have been offering a variety of lunch choices to accommodate their customers’ desire for healthier, wholesome food.

While product quality is the top priority, the bakery is a place that offers an experience, not just a product.  People keep coming back for the delicious butter tarts, but more and more for lunches and for the memorable, warm and fuzzy feeling they get while there.


Cheryl and Brad Tips for success:

Find something that you are extremely passionate about

Make a difference in your community

Stay humble

Surround yourself with people that support you and believe in you

Take advantage of the dedicated support from municipalities and county

Find mentors that can be sounding board for ideas and concerns

Cheryl and Brad created a place where people relax and connect with each other through the magic of food. They have grown to employ 11 people, and are happy to mentor each of them as they believe their community is a great place to live, work and play.


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