Cowboys and Angels

Photos and Story submitted by Britt and Jeff

Cold winter breeze nipping your nose, rosy cheeks, the sun flickering on and off between the trees. The sounds of hooves crunching snow, laughter and chatter from your trail mates, and soft grunts and groans coming from the thousand pound animal that you happen to be saddled upon. That, my friends, is the life.

We had the opportunity to check out Cowboys and Angels Horse Farm just outside of Madoc. It was a cold January afternoon when we had arrived on the farm. Our group had mixed emotions about riding these gentle giants. Our comfort levels ranged from “never been on a horse in my life” to “used to ride, but it has been fifteen years”, so needless to say, we were all pretty green.

Our experience started with signing waivers and getting fitted for helmets - safety first! The knowledgeable staff at the farm then brought us out to the barn where they answered any questions we had, and where we met the horses, we would be riding, along with a few other curious onlookers.

Next was getting on…those things are huge! Luckily, we had lots of help. Once everyone was suited up and situated, we set out on our trail ride. Our group consisted of us Wanderers, along with the owners and a few other staff who made sure everyone one was safe and comfortable. Giddy up!

Cowboys and Angels Horse Farm sits on a sprawling 150 acres. The ride that we were taken on consisted of wide, open meadows and forests trails. The property is serene and beautiful, and it is a perfect place for a horseback ride. We even crossed a couple of creeks - which was a pretty big deal for amateurs!

Our trail ride lasted about an hour - just enough time for a sore butt! All the horses were well behaved, minus a little bit of attitude from Britt’s, but she had it under control.

The owners at Cowboys and Angels Horse Farm are inspiring, people living their dream! They offer lessons, trail riding, horse boarding, even camps! They will also help you host a birthday party, fundraiser, or other events. They are highly qualified in what they do, and we felt safe and had a great time with them and the horses. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a total newbie, check them out!

Story and photographs by Britt and Jeff

Britt and Jeff are a small town Canadian couple with entrepreneurial minds, hippie spirits and a passion for food, travel, music and people.

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