Short-Term Accommodation Resources

Thinking about opening a short-term accommodation rental? Through our Short-Term Accommodation (STA) Workshop series hosted in April/May 2019, facilitators Jessica Long and Chris FitzSimons educated interested property owners about what it means to be a responsible host and how to effectively grow a successful STA using Airbnb.

Key Steps to Starting a STA:

  • Create your rental plan before you spend any money. Your plan should include knowing what the zoning and building code requirements may be for the space you intend to use.
  • Develop a marketing plan:
    • Research other B and B’s in our area, what they offer and what they charge.
    • Who do you see as the targeted customer groups you want to reach?
    • What can you offer guests that is unique?
    • What will you name your business? What about business cards, logo, etc.?
    • Plan for online presence, such as a website, Facebook Page and/or other social media platforms (i.e. Instagram). Define how you will present your space to prospective guests.
  • Create a financial plan that includes: all set-up expenses, anticipated operating costs and estimated revenue including your planned pricing.
  • Consider logistical issues and how you will deal with them: garbage, neighbours, what space will you offer guests (indoors, outdoors, cooking, BBQ, parking, etc).  Also, housekeeping, bookkeeping and accounting, social media activities – can you do it all or do you need to recruit some help?

If you are looking for assistance with developing the plans outlined above and/or have questions about operating an STA as a business/investment opportunity, our Small Business Coordinator, Mark Hanley, is available to meet with you and guide you through the journey. You can contact Mark by 613-391-0350 or email

For any questions regarding short-term accommodations and tourism in Hastings County, please contact Kasey Rogerson, Tourism Development Coordinator, at 613-966-1311 x4012 or email

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