There is great potential for microbreweries to join the market for beer in Hastings County.  The brewery could market its product to smaller local pubs and restaurants, a market with an estimated revenue of $5.15 million from residents and tourists.  This segment is large, growing, and contains a wealthy demographic group known as "zoomers". 

Just as important is the fact that we have local farmers growing hops, one of the main ingredients required to make beer. Read about Steve Tubb one of our local hops farmers at Springhill Farm.

Additionally, we are Ontario's artisan cheese region.  Beer goes real well with cheese, and in fact, some claim it's a better fit than wine. This is a great business opportunity!

Local media on microbrewing:

Learn more at startabrewery.ca.

Download a copy of a recent business plan completed by fourth year Queen's University Commerce students.